Low 5 Gloves

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The 509 Low 5 Gloves are the lightest weight and most breathable option. Perfect for warmer temps and situations that require maximum grip.

Spring days, wrenching on your sled, or digging out the driveway—the super lightweight and low-profile 509 Low 5 Gloves work overtime. The rugged synthetic palm with anti-slip silicone grip and fully reinforced fingertips withstand the harshest abuse. Breathable material on the back-of-hand helps vent excess warmth and sweat. The Velcro wrist closure gives the Low 5 added security compared to its cuff-less cousin, the 509 Low 4 Glove.

• Synthetic palm material with reinforcement layers in key areas
• Anti-slip 509 silicone pattern on palm
• Breathable material on the back of the hand
• Fully wrapped fingertip construction
• Velcro wrist enclosure